Fifth International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society

Social Movements and Faith'- Special Focus

16-17 April 2015
University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, USA


The Forgotten Practice of the Spiritual Journey, True Love and the Purpose of Life through Self-awareness: Spiritual Journey

By: Sukru Serdar Demirci


No matter how much we strive for it, peace and love could not be established in the world because the world is divided into (religious) groups. However, the one and only creator of the universe and of mankind ordains: "Do not be divided into (religious) groups." This separation can only be overcome by the facts we present in this paper, mainly by realizing the spiritual journey to God. Religion determines the relationship between God and human being. According to our research in all holy books, this relationship is established via the spirit. The spirit is the trust of God and must be surrendered back to Him to reach our religious goals: Oneness of God, Unity of all faiths and Submissions of spirit, physical body, soul and free will to God. This is the prescription of God for true happiness. This important fact has been clearly stated in all holy books by various verses and underlies the commonality of all religions. Based on our comprehensive research on holy books, our objective in this proceeding is to demonstrate these verses and bring back the most important religious requirement back to life.