We want to share the excitement of the ultimate search with you. We are seeking God Himself and his guidance. We are seeking answer to the question of what does it take to be a better person and what it takes to be happy, to make happy and to die happy.

We would like to welcome you in our quest. This is not a quest of a particular group, religion, nation or a race, neither is it a quest of scientists versus priests versus philosophers. This is the quest of all humanity. There have been people in all generations who spent their life for this search and enlightenment. We are the representatives of this generation.

We are trying to explain the most fundamental concepts in religion in such a way that the religion becomes the part of our daily life and the source of happiness instead of being a burden and bunch of duties to complete. We want to investigate very difficult concepts such as creation, purpose of life, path to happiness and many others in a deepest way. We would like to take the concept of religion out of churches, synagogues, and mosques and puts it on the street and into people's life so that everyone can find part or most of their belief in others too and can live in harmony.

We would like to explain all concepts strictly based on the verses from Holy Scriptures. All holy books, Bible, Torah, Quran etc. verses are used to explain the religion and to prove that all religions have the same fundamental concepts and the same path to salvation. This basically ends all religious conflicts and proves that becoming happy and going to heaven does not require choosing a specific religion but only applying the simplest and the most fundamental concepts in any of the holly books. These basic concepts have been forgotten in all religions today on Earth, which creates the conflicts we observe between different belief systems. We need to remind them back and create a very solid common ground for all spiritual belief systems.