In the beginning, the soul is one hundred percent full of vices. Decreasing the vices to forty nine percent is considered the cleansing of the soul and this process is a guarantee of God. The individual, who believes in God, and who wishes to redeem the spirit back to God before death, takes a pledge of allegiance to the Religious Guide that God assigns specifically, and starts repeating the name of God. It is this repetition process that brings the glories (light of God) from the presence of God and makes them get into the soul’s heart to start the process of cleansing. The glories accumulate within the heart in seven percent increments and within seven stages forty nine percent of virtues accumulate in the heart.

At the very beginning when one wishes to reach God, two percent mercy gets into his or her heart as the significance and sign of God’s manifestation upon such an individual. Hence the accumulation of Mercy and Virtues altogether totals to fifty one percent. This is exactly the point where the soul of the person is cleansed. Up until this point, the individual is within direct protection of God and therefore she or he feels the abundance of happiness and joy during this time. This joy and happiness gets to such a point that the person feels like screaming that she or he is happy. Only such feeling is a clear and enough sign of God’s presence, His total control and His generosity.

Yet, this is only half way through the ultimate goal. With fifty one percent glory accumulation, the spirit reaches God and disappears in God. The person at this point has the guarantee of third Heaven, and the half of the world happiness and joy. However, if the person continues the path and increases the percentage of his or her meditation, she or he will certainly complete the purification of the soul as well.

Filling the soul’s heart with hundred percent glories of God is the point of purification. Virtues start replacing vices, and with ninety eight percent virtue and two percent mercy accumulation, there remain no more vices in the soul’s heart. And since the glories keep coming into the heart continuously within the “continuous repetition” phase, the darkness and vices can no longer get into such a heart. Yet, it is the purification of the Soul that is considered to be the steep hill. After the spirit returns back to God, God’s protective shield is lifted off, and the individual starts encountering the serious attacks of the enemy.

As indicated in all three scriptures, there is only one thing the enemy wants, and that is to get everyone to Hell with him in the hereafter to be punished eternally. Therefore he will try any trick to deceive people and get them away from the divine truth. The only way to be protected from his attacks is to stick with the name of God and to have full trust in God as we wish to reach God before death.

If the individual can manage increasing the level of Dhikr and with the help of the Creator carry the Dhikr more than half of everyday, then the individual is ready to submit the physical body to God as well. That clearly does not mean that the physical body also reaches God physically like the Spirit does, but it is for the physical body to start fulfilling every command of God and staying away from every prohibition of His.

Once the physical body is submitted, the individual is very close to continuous Dhikr. Again with the help of the Creator, the individual will get to the continuous Dhikr and through that will submit the Soul to God as well (and will become Ulul Elbab). After the submission of Soul, it is only a matter of time for the submission of Free Will to God.

It is absolute joy and happiness that the individual attains at the point of submission of free will. Aside from elimination of all vices, the individual’s heart is embellished nineteen total times; at this point of time and she or he is even granted to solve the very last puzzle, which is seeing God. These are the people who are assigned to deliver others to the path of God--by God.

Living without knowing what the Creator wants from us (which is our happiness and joy only and nothing else) is living a vain life. In other words, living a life in vegetable state. Either we will “wish to deliver our Spirit to God” and start living a life that is happy and joyous, or we will not and we will live the life of this world in agony and unhappiness until we die.

Yet, the truth will be even harsher in the hereafter. On the other hand, those who try what God prescribes, they certainly, but certainly succeed.
According to the holy books of God, the two sets of angels that record our daily life in a three-dimensional film format. The first set records our actions and the other set records our thoughts. On the Day of Judgment, everything we had done will be shown to us with our actions, and their level of intendancy will again be proven to us with the records of our thoughts. Considering how in today’s technology we spend thousands of dollars for security surveillance, we are given that for free starting from our birth. Knowing that we have our very own police within us, we need to be more careful about doing the right thing at all times.

On the other hand, if we cannot teach this concept in our schools, we cannot stop crime, rape, drug use, alcohol consumption, binge drinking, gang problems, sexual abuse, suicides or any other negative consequences that take place within our society. If we can teach our kids this information, then aside from elimination of all these negative concepts, we also teach them how to feel and experience joy and happiness, and if they are willing also prepare them for the hereafter. The peace that starts within spreads to each and everyone else around us as well. Those who are not happy and who are in misery can only make others unhappy and miserable. More importantly, this is the only way to stop the bloodshed all over the world where people are literally killing each other in the name of God, thinking that others’ beliefs are different than their own.

It is also obvious that not everyone will be interested in such knowledge that is presented here. Even though we teach math and science to all students, not every one of them is becoming a mathematician or a scientist. But at least, making it available gives them the option to get familiar with that information. In any educational system, it is the responsibility of teachers to prepare kids in the best way for the future. Educating our kids’ minds, bodies and spirits is very important, just like the YMCA model where the body-mind-spirit triangle refers to a completely healthy human being. Not only the body, not only the mind, not only the spirit either.

The education of all three at once will bring forward the totally healthy individual. But, first we need to know the difference between the soul and spirit, before we can teach them to the future generations.