The only institution that can bring happiness to mankind is the unique religion of God. On the other hand, the goal of Satan, who lures people away from religion, or at least tries to divide them into different groups, is to make sure that each group is the enemy of all other groups. As a matter of fact, Satan has succeeded in achieving his goal throughout human history.

According to research, today there are 72 different groups of faith in the world. The followers of every religion believe that only their religion is the true one and that all the others are false. Moreover, some of the people in every religious group think of the members of the other groups as their enemies. They even try to promote hatred among these groups. Unfortunately, there are these kind of people in each of the religious groups. Even further, some extremists take the matter from the level of thought into an act, an act of terrorism, and they spill the blood of innocent people.

Please note that there is no religion but the hanif religion of Abraham. The only solution to achieve the alliance of civilizations and peace in the world is to unite under the unique religion of god.

No other group besides the above can have a religion other than the hanif religion. In short, there are no various religions; there is only one religion. It is the hanif religion of Abraham. It is the religion of Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus. It is the religion of Mohammed as well. It is the religion of all humanity today.

Therefore, one of the goals of the ISP is to prove the oneness of the religion by displaying the similarities of the verses of the holy books. Hence, people come to understand that it’s a futile attempt for them to try to demonstrate the existence of different religions.