We are a non-profit organization having doors open to all types of people no matter what their religion, color, or race is. We are entirely free and independent from any other organizations. Our aim is to bring happiness, peace and harmony to all faith communities through living for others unconditionally by teaching the forgotten practice of spiritual journey, true love and the purpose of life through self-awareness.

Human being is the most beloved creation of God. God has one ultimate goal which is the happiness of all human beings. This goal has never changed since all the way back from the time of his first human creation Adam (a prophet), and it will never change until the doomsday. Thus God invites us, all human beings, to his presence. Prophets and messengers have been assigned to help people to reach God throughout the history.

Human beings have been created with 3 bodies (spirit, physical body and soul) and freewill by God. Therefore human happiness can only be achieved by the submitting the spirit, physical body, soul and freewill to our creator God, as stated in all Holy Scriptures. These four submissions can only be accomplished by going through 7 maturity stages.

7 stages and 4 submissions, in spite of them being the mandatory religious obligations within the Old Testament (Torah), the Bible and the Quran today all members of the 3 religions have forgotten them, besides the people of tasavvuf (Sufism) these practices are not even in application anymore.

(Hanif) Submission Religion has 3 basic principles:

1- Monotheism (one God)
2- Unity of belivers
3-Submissions of spirit, physical body, soul and will power to God

Human salvation depends on accepting God’s invitation; by incorporating the Hanif (Submission) religion of our father Abraham into effect in our daily lives can only make this possible. No other religion ever existed and no other religion will exist until Doomsday.

The main purpose of the interfaith spiritual path is inviting people to God. This religious non-profit organization was formed with the aim of bringing enlightenment to the human comprehension of the one true secret to happiness for this life and for the hereafter "To wish to reach God".

When we take a look at the situation of the world, we see uneasiness and state of war, almost everywhere. Please note that the relationships among people are no different than those among institutional entities such as companies or countries. Many of us held hostage by our emotional reactions during our daily activities. We don’t see those coming most of the time and we are caught off guard by hatred, anger, greediness resentment, jealousy or fear. When something happens, that automatic emotional reaction arises and it often translates actions that we later regret: lashing out at a loved one in anger, making a decision as a politician and businessman that will jeopardize the future of nations, other businesses and employees, avoiding a potentially altruist life experience out of greediness and so on.

No doubt that this state of mood clearly reflects an environment full of conflict and misery. No doubt either that this pattern is not conducive to peace of mind, but rather leads to the opposite, a disrupted or disturbed mind, which brings about chaos for humans and the countries they live in.

This situation demands to ask the following questions:

1. How should we stop this pattern?
2. How much effort should we put in our lives and into each other’s happiness to achieve this?
3. Is there a panacea we can provide people with to eliminate all kinds of uneasiness from the world?

As Interfaith Spiritual Path (ISP), we dedicate our lives to answering these questions raised above. Through this web site, conferences, talks and other means, we’ll hopefully communicate the results of our researches to you and share all the knowledge we gain with you for the rest of our lives in order to build peace and love among people and nations eternally.