Please note that miscommunication can be seen as the major roadblock between people and societies. It can be argued that once we create adequate communication, there is going to be major improvement in our social life with diverse interactions. However, we are not talking about another Facebook or LinkedIn. Instead, we are talking about people who find comfort in each other’s existence no matter their race, culture or religious beliefs are.

The quality of life and happiness of people are deeply affected by religious and cultural conflicts and misunderstandings. After years of struggling, we, the people of this world, are very close to end racism. We are intrinsically afraid of anything different than us, what we don’t know or understand. This fear pushes us generally in the direction that we don’t always anticipate toward a destruction of the unknown or the different. Human history is full of examples. This trait we have as human being can be tamed to a certain level. The way to overcome this trait is to convert the fear into love and this requires converting the unknown into known, the different into familiar.

In our century, ethnic racism is almost dead. What comes next is religious racism (discrimination). We live in the age of information yet ignorance has surrounded us because of misinformation as well as lack of interest toward what matters. Our interest is captured by daily and mundane activities, and we don’t often realize how fast time passes by. The previous generation struggled against ethnic racism so that we now live the comfortable life we have. Our gift to the next generation should be to get rid of religious racism. It has set in our bones for centuries, and it is not easy to overcome the hidden fear that we often neglect as long as we are isolated or uninterested. Yet, it affects us all in many ways and affects the world.

Most people around you will say that they believe in religious freedom. But, if we look at ourselves very carefully, we realize that we mostly alienate people who believe differently. We feel more comfortable around people who believe what we believe. We shield ourselves from the different. Maybe this is just human nature. However, people are actually very similar in so many ways, including their spiritual needs and how they fulfill those needs. Once we understand this, everyone becomes familiar; every belief system becomes the same with additions of flavors like the different flowers in the field that complete the scenery. We must understand the core, and we must know and accept the flavors. Making this happen will be our most important gift to the next generation.

This diversity is sacred, which is not a source of fear or resentment but the source of comfort. Like the diversity in nature, diversity in religious practices adds to our society as long as the core purpose of the religion is understood and practiced correctly. When we investigate the holy books and the books of all existing spiritual belief systems, we can see this core purpose in all of them.

What happened over centuries is that people got stuck in the flavors, practices that are just cultural differences. The practices has replaced the main purpose and disguised themselves as the purpose of the religion. This is the main reason why all regions look so different from each other today. However, if we can extract the core, the differences we fear or shield ourselves become just cultural varieties that we can easily start to appreciate.

Religion and spirituality can become the part of our daily life and the source of ultimate happiness, instead of being a burden and bunch of duties to complete. Imagine a world that everybody has reached at this level of acceptance and understanding. It’s time to start to construct that world for us, for our children. Please join us. Love grows bigger when it is shared.