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Mission Statement

Bringing happiness, peace and harmony to all faith communities through living for others unconditionally by teaching the forgotten practice of spiritual journey, true love and the purpose of life through self-awareness:

Forgotten Religious Practice in All Faiths,
Spiritual Journey to God

We would like to explain all concepts strictly based on the verses from holly books. All holy books, Bible, Torah and Quran verses are used to explain the religion and to prove that all religions have the same fundamental concepts and the same path to salvation. This basically ends all religious conflicts and proves that becoming happy and going to heaven does not require choosing a specific religion but only applying the simplest and the most fundamental concepts in any of the holly books. These basic concepts have been forgotten in all religions today on Earth, which creates the conflicts we observe between different belief systems. We need to remind them back and create a very solid common ground for all spiritual belief systems.

Spiritual Path

Human being is the most beloved creation of God. God has one ultimate goal for us which is the happiness of all human beings in this world and the hereafter. This goal has never changed since the descent of the first human being into this universe and it will last until the doomsday, the end of the universe. God invites us, all human beings, to His presence. Prophets and messengers have been assigned to relay this invitation throughout the history and to help us anf guide us to reach God. Human being is created with 3 bodies (spirit, physical body and soul) and freewill. Eternal happiness can only be achieved by the submission of the spirit, physical body, soul and freewill to our only creator God/Allah/Allaha. This statement exists in all Holy Scriptures. These four submissions can only be accomplished by going through 7 spiritual stages that we call Spiritual Path.


God breathed into man from His spirit, which is pure and comprised of nineteen virtues (righteousness). It always guides us to fulfill God’s commands and abstain from His prohibitions. Whenever our soul convinces us to act against the will of God, the spirit has the ability to torment the soul causing us to feel remorse.

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It is clearly the soul that can be corrupted by Satan and follow the footteps of evil unless thse vices are taken under control. It is clear that the soul is full of vices when it is entrusted to a human being. This makes the soul open to deceptions and corruption. However, it is created in such a way that it can be cleansed and this cleansing is very important for our salvation:

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Physical Body

the physical body is an abode for soul and spirit and it can only fulfill its duty as long as it’s alive. Once the body dies, the soul and spirit can no longer reside in it and therefore go back to their origin. Spirit back to God as it’s the breath of God, breathed into us during birth and soul back to its own world

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Will Power

Will power is a virtue of spirit that signifies our endurance in resisting all evil deeds. With that characteristic, will power gives us strength to cope with these wicked actions. Obstinacy, on the other hand, is a vice of our soul that causes us to succumb to temptations.

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