Abraham's Religion

Regardless of how much effort we put, peace and love could not be built in the world because the world is divided into religious groups. However, the one and only creator of the universe and mankind ordains: "Do not be divided into (religious) groups." We strongly believe that this separation can only be overcome mainly by realizing the spiritual journey to God. Religion establishes the relationship between God and human being. According to our research about all holy books, this relationship is built via the spirit. The spirit is the trust of God and must be surrendered back to Him to reach our religious goals:

This is the prescription of God for true happiness. This important fact has been clearly stated in all holy books by various verses and underlies the commonality of all religions.

Today, there are people who promote peace and happiness all over the world such as the Dalai Lama, as well as Gandhi and Mother Theresa did in the past, but none of these leaders promoted the principal of attaining joy and happiness with proof from all three sacred scriptures: the old testament, the new testament and the last testament.

Therefore, our main objective as an interfaith organization is to draw parallels among the holy books on our religious goals stated above by displaying their verses so that people can realize that religions are no different from each other and they come from the same source.

Unification of all the religions is not only a must but also God's command. It must be our token to unite as the friends of God, to embrace each other and embrace the future together with the peace and serenity that the unique religion of God orders. Each of us must be the representative of peace, friendship and love.

Therefore, one of the main objectives of Interfaith Spiritual Path is to prove that all the holy books consist of three essentials given above. ISP has been conducting a research about finding and contemplating on the verses of the holy books regarding the three essentials.